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Re: more developer identity stuff

On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

 : [ Please don't Cc: public replies to me. ]
 : Nathan E Norman:
 : > If this is the case, then reading the lists with Pine is indeed a PITA!
 : > (I know there are other alternatives to Pine, but I'm used to it and so
 : > far too lazy to change ...)
 : I assume you mean that it is painful to reply to list messages with Pine.
 : I think Pine makes it fairly easy to remove and move addresses (ctrl-k
 : removes an address, ctrl-u inserts it again).

Well, if you want to call that "easy" :)

 : For what it's worth, I don't think Reply-to should be set by the
 : mailing list, because its definition was botched by RFC822 (it has too
 : many meanings). Thus, too many mail user agents (or their authors) get
 : confused, and operate in surprising ways when Reply-to is forced by the
 : list. For example, every self-respecting mail user agent has separate
 : "reply to author of message" and "reply to everyone" commands. If
 : the mail has a Reply-to header, most mail user agents will obey that
 : automatically. Thus, it is easy to send comments meant to be private to
 : the list. One wishes that everyone would check their To and Cc headers
 : before sending private comments, but that's not how people work,
 : especially since it's necessary only on a few mailing lists.

I completely agree!  Setting the reply-to is evil - I've been swayed by
all the arguments before.

I don't pretend to know the insides and outs of Pine, let alone any
other MUA.  I wish wichever MUA I was using was smart enough to know
that the message I'm replying to came from a mailing list, and would
prompt me whether to reply to the list, the author, or both (like most
newsreaders do).  Perhaps Pine does this, but as I hadn't considered it
a big deal until now, I didn't worry about it.  Perhaps it's time to
move to mutt ... I don't know.  There's always that little emacs program
that gets installed by default ...

 : Without the Reply-to, most users need to edit the To/Cc headers manually
 : to remove non-list respondents. I consider this to be a smaller evil than
 : sending private message to lists by mistake.
Again, I agree.  Let's not even discuss setting reply-to.

 : The new headers will solve these problems, of course, but it will take
 : time until they're in wide-enough use. (I don't use them myself, because
 : my MH/exmh/procmail/other mail configuration has become complicated and
 : fragile enough that I'm considering writing a new mailer from scratch
 : rather than touch the config. This is not a joke.)

I'll look forward to your work!


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