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Re: No benefit for running sash as root shell?

Michael Meskes <meskes@online-club.de> wrote:
> Please, do not. However, I'd prefer your idea of adding a second root
> account.

Three issues to nail down before I'd do this:

(1) mechanism for adding the alias (locking /etc/passwd falls in
this area).

(2) name for the alias.  [I was going to use sashroot, but apparently
toor is more established.]

(3) some kind of consensus on the approach.

> > I can't see any benefit to this, and it's an extra question at
> > install time.

> If you add the second account, you can safely remove the support for
> changing root's shell IMO.

Hmm.. I'll want to leave support for not crippling sash accounts in the
postinst, and I'll have to think carefully about the interaction between
that support and the mechanism for initializing the alias account.


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