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installed 2.0

I have installed 2.0 from a cheapbytes cd.  I ended up re-installing
after an attempted upgrade from 1.3.1 failed with broken packages. 
This may have been my fault as I had several packages installed which
were not .deb's.  I didn't loose anything but time as I had backed up
the entire system first.  The install of 2.0 from scratch was
educational, I now have a better understanding of how the kernel is
configured to use modules.

Questions:  Does the defaults in the configure script for the kernel
source package reflect the configuration of the kernel as installed
from the cd rom?  Does this kernel have built in support for ALL SCSI
cards (there are no scsi driver modules in lib/modules).  Is
IP-Masquerading support built into the debian kernel or do I have to
re-compile my kernel?

Thanks for a well constructed distribution, it was easy to install
(took two tries to get X right, a stupid mistake on my part).
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