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[off topic] Call to action! Help persuade NEC/videologic release docs for PowerVR 2nd gen

Hi all!

I e-mailed NEC/videologic about whether or not they intended to release
the information needed to make video drivers for the PowerVR 2nd
generation (a 2D/3D card which looks like being the best around once
it is released). The reply I got is below.

-=-=- e-mail from justin_wolf@el.nec.com -=-=-

At this time we have no intentions of making the necessary documentation public
for 3rd parties to develop their own drivers for PVRSG.  The problem is the
support that would be required from preparing the documentation to technical
support when the documentation doesn't match the hardware.  Also, at this time,
we do not consider Linux (or other flavors of Unix) to be a significant enough
portion of our market to warrant its support.

Personally, however, I am a fan of Unix and would like to see its position in
the OS marketplace be bolstered by support of current hardware and have pushed
several times internally for the companies involved to change their opinion.  If
you could have as many of your friends write in as possible, I'll be sure to
send their opinions on to the appropriate people.

-=-=- end quote -=-=-

It looks like Justin is firmly on our side and all we need to do is give
him the ammunition to convince those at the top.

If we want Linux to be considered as an alternative to Win'95 as a gaming
platform then we need to be able to support cards such as this, so please
consider dropping justin_wolf@el.nec.com a note.

Ian Lynagh - ian@lynagh.demon.co.uk

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it
through not dying.

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