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Re: eject broken?

        Re: eject broken?

Michael Dietrich <mdt@mdt.in-berlin.de> writes:

> > eject: CDROMEJECT ioctl failed for `/dev/hdc': Device or resource
>> that's exactly what i got some weeks ago - but now everything (any of
>> my three computer conating a cdrom) works fine .... hmm

>If any files are in use from the device, the kernel >will not allow
it to
>be ejected.
The exact thing happens if you press the eject button on the drive
while a disk is still mounted.  Once you unmount the disk the button
works again!  (But then again I once had dselect crash leaving the
drive in a mounted state, although it was not actually mounted, and a
ps -ax didn't show which process was using the drive.)

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