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OT: strange disk crash after upgrade

Sorry for this little out-of-topic question but the problem happened
to the machine I use to do Debian work and nobody on the IRC was able
to help me...

After un apt-get install that updated exim, wmaker and other packages
I found my /var partition in a *very* bad state. Hundreds of bad/duplicate
block errors, disconnected directories and such. about 90% of the
problems involved files owned by exim or wmaker (ahi ahi!). The
strange thing is that a badblocks scan reported no bad blocks, so I don't
understand how all that happened.

But the worse part is that now I have in lost+found a lot of files I
can't remove! Example:

br-sr-sr-x   1 30063    28001    111,  77 Jan 30  1987 #21311
drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root         1024 Jul 24 08:57 #2234
?rwsrwsrwt   1 65535    65535    4294967295 Jan  1  1970 #2241

Obviously a second fsck didn't fix the situation. How can I get rid
of that files? Do somebody know what happened to my machine?

Sorry again and thanx,
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