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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998 15:44:38 -0600 (MDT), Ward Deng wrote:

>We sell Caldera CDs but we were burnt when we have many copies of
>1.0 while within four months they released 1.1 and they refused to
>take them back. Now we no longer keep any inventory for them.

    OTOH a 4-5 month release schedule is about norm for the industry. 
FreeBSD releases are 4-6 months apart.  Knowing that, just stock accordingly.

    Also something to do if stocking low is to take the overage (which
hopefully there isn't much of) and give them away to people who can in turn
give it away to people they know to generate interest.  This is what Walnut
Creek does with its overage of FreeBSD.  I got 2.2.6 from work (an ISP) for
free.  They shipped 50 copies to us, paid postage, to give away.  *IF* I were
to switch (I do have it installed) I'd be inclined to buy upgrades as they
came out.

>Debian/Linux is famous for its online updating. If we can upgrade
>the system without special treatment like "autoup.sh," I recommend
>we should just call it Debian/Linux V2 as long as no fresh
>reinstallation is required. However if there is any significant change
>made, which worths celebrations while leaving vendor's stock CDs
>behind, I have no objection on that.

    This is also another viable option, and making people aware of it by
plastering that on the advertising.  But if a new version is pressed there is
no reasonable reason to mangle the version numbering scheme.

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