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Intent to package rblsmtpd (rblsmtpd-src)


Well initially it will be yet another -src package, because it's from Dan 
Bernstein, but I'm hopeful that he might be persuaded to allow it out as 

Here's his announcement message:

  Subject: rblsmtpd 0.70 available

  The beta release of my RBL mail-rejection tool is available through


  rblsmtpd supports RBL text in SMTP, fast timeouts, anti-RBL lists, local
  RBL additions, local RBL overrides, both temporary and permanent errors,
  and a ``fail secure'' option.

  rblsmtpd requires tcpserver; see qmail's FAQ 5.1. It doesn't require any
  patches to tcpserver or qmail-smtpd.


Cheers, Phil.

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