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Swim 2.1 from LSL installation.


About 2 month ago I posted a queston about Swim Motif installation on Debian 
system.  The CD that I bought from LSL (www.lsl.com) had RedHat packages, but 
not Debian.

Steve Dunham wrote me a step by step instruction how to generate a *.deb files,
and guess what?  It worked just fine!  Thanks, Steve!

I'm neither package maintainer nor Motif expert, but I think *.deb packages 
that Steve developed are ready for the prime time.  I could help in testing 
other versions of those packages if needed.


------------- Steve Dunham's step by step instruction ------------------

You can use what I have so far, it should work.  The missing details
were adding some readme's and a script to automate everything.



and untar it.  

It will make a directory called swim-2.1.  "cd" into this directory,
and copy the .tgz files from the SWiM CDROM into this directory.  I
don't have the CD mounted right now, but you need the ones for Red Hat

At this stage you will have a tree that looks like:

   swim-2.1/ --+-- debian/ ---- a bunch of control files
               \--- a bunch of *.tgz files

After they are copied, you can type:

  fakeroot debian/rules binary

and the packages will be built and will show up in the parent
directory.  (You will need the "debhelper" and "fakeroot" packages
installed for this to work.  If you are root, you can leave out the
fakeroot part.)

IIRC, the version of SWiM 2.1 that I was working from didn't have RPM
packages, so YMMV.

The packages are broken down into: swim, libxm2g, libxm2g-dev,
libxm2g-slib, swim-mwm, swim-man, and swim-examples.

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