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intent to packge: kali, bugsx

	bugsx: GPL
	kali:  contrib (depends on libforms)

bugsx is ready to go.
kali needs a man page and license clarification from the author.

This one is a toy. There is no web page.

Package: bugsx
Status: install ok installed
Installed-Size: 359
Maintainer: John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
Version: 1.08-1
Depends: libc6, xlib6g (>= 3.3-5)
Description: evolve biomorphs using GA's
 buugsx is a program which draws biomorphs
 based on parametric plots of Fourier sine and cosine
 series and let's you play with them using the genetic

This one is pretty cool, there is no web page, but there
may be a word or two on it at 
ftp://ftp.geom.umn.edu/ or

Package: kali
Status: install ok installed
Installed-Size: 92
Maintainer: John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
Version: 3.1-1
Depends: libc6, libforms0.88, xlib6g (>= 3.3-5)
Description: draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc.
 You can use Kali to draw Escher-like tilings,
 infinite knots, frieze patterns, and other
 cool stuff.  It lets you draw patterns in any of
 the 17 planar (wallpaper) or 7 frieze symmetry
 groups. Drawings are done interactively with
 X, and postscript output is supported.

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

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