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Re: more developer identity stuff

>>"Ossama" == Ossama Othman <othman@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu> writes:

 Ossama> Somehow I thought you would respond to me in such a fashion,
 Ossama> Manoj.

 >> Well, that certainly colours me predictable, though I am
 >> certain you meant more than just that. However, I am at a loss as to
 >> what other atrributes you are implying; could you elaborate?

 Ossama> Heh, sorry about that Manoj.  :-) Several months ago, when I
 Ossama> first got on to the Debian User list there was some friction
 Ossama> between us when I made some comments about "what the world
 Ossama> sees as a hacker."  You responded very harshly for what I
 Ossama> thought was a misunderstanding.  I've also noticed that
 Ossama> you've made similar "harsh" responses to others besides me.

	I am sorry you percieved that exchange as friction between
 us. I frequently am at odds with viewpoints and stances that people
 protray, but never do I carry that through to personal friction; I
 hope we may disagree, even acrimouniously, without the debates
 affecting personal relationships. 

	I also am sorry you percieve my messages as "harsh"; though I
 am certainly an advocate of plain speaking, I try quite hard not to
 respond in anger, and to attack the person rather than the
 argument. What you term "harsh" is what I term speaking plainly. 

 Good day to deal with people in high places; particularly lonely
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