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Re: more developer identity stuff


>  Ossama> Somehow I thought you would respond to me in such a fashion,
>  Ossama> Manoj.
> 	Well, that certainly colours me predictable, though I am
>  certain you meant more than just that. However, I am at a loss as to
>  what other atrributes you are implying; could you elaborate?

Heh, sorry about that Manoj.  :-)  Several months ago, when I first got
on to the Debian User list there was some friction between us when I made
some comments about "what the world sees as a hacker."  You responded very
harshly for what I thought was a misunderstanding.  I've also noticed
that you've made similar "harsh" responses to others besides me.  However,
you've also made some very good points in the past, so I've never
really held anything against you.  The above comment was just poking fun
at you, so please don't take it as anything more.  I really didn't mean
anything by it.

> 	Really? Anyway, you are not supposed to send official
>  documents, just copies of official documents are sufficient. I
>  understand your reluctance about sending actual licenses or other
>  documents to strangers; I would not either. A copy should be fine. 

Sorry, I should have been more specific.  I meant that I had problems
giving "sensitive" information to anyone I didn't know, whether it be on
the original document or a copy of it.

> 	In the united stats, the drivers license is public
>  information, and the phone books contain phone numbers and
>  addresses. Everytime I open a bank account, or try to go back to
>  India or any other country, I show my passport. I have little
>  problems disseminating the informatoin therein; it is mostly public,
>  anyway, and I trust the project not to misuse the information.

I didn't realize that driver's licenses were public information.  Bummer.
Ah well, perhaps I will reconsider my intent to become a developer.  :)

> 	If you indeed consider your drivers license "sensitive"
>  information, you need to get your PGP key signed. Personally, I
>  refuse to sign keys unless I see two forms of photo ID, but your
>  mileage may vary. 

<see the above response>
Two forms of ID?  Cool!

Thanks for the discussion guys.  Again, I apologize for all the hooplah.
I just wanted to make sure I understood what I was getting in to and to
better understand the identification process, both of which I believe I
feel more at ease about.


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