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2.0 install problem

I am getting a really annoying problem while trying to install deb 2.0.
If I use the most current install floppies, the machine locks up and a
wierd init error is posted.
INIT: *$#@Blah**  (process halted/stopped) for 5 minutes

then it sits and after 5 minutes it says the same line over and over.
CTRL+ALT+DEL will reboot it.  

With the slightly older install disks, I get the machine to boot the first
time, go through dselect, download packages..but then I get serious seg
faults and dselect quits before the packages are installed.  Then on the
next boot up, I get the wierd INIT error...it occurs as soon as the
machine is kicking to init 2.  

Any ideas?


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