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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

"john" == john  <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

>> think that this is a completely new version of Debian and the "old"
>> ond is obsolete.

john>  It is.

It isn't -- the difference is a handful of packages, instead of
practically every one as with a full release.  The CD vendors can
continue to sell 2.0 with a clear concience because the apt upgrade to
2.0 r2 is quick and painless.

john> What is the lead time on having CD's pressed?  Do the vendors
john> keep large inventories?  Has anyone asked the vendors about

Its probably around 15 days without extra charges, and "large" is
relative.  I'd expect most pressed enough to hold them until the next
scheduled release in December.

john> this?  A point release might actually help sales.

It would help mine, since I only sell CD-R, but it would hurt the
silver vendors.  Hmm -- what am I complainaing about, again?  ;-)

john> Why do you think that someone who won't buy 2.0 because 2.0.1
john> is out will buy 2.0 when 2.0 r1 is out?  In either case it is
john> obvious that a newer version is available.

The difference is the perceived seriousness of the newer version; I'm
with Dale, Joey, and the late Bruce -- its a big difference.

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