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Re: In what package can I find <anyfile>?

On 21-Aug-98, 09:30 (CDT), servis@purdue.edu wrote: 
> I have always thought it would be nice if dpkg -S could use the
> Contents-<arch> file,if it was present, to inform the user of what
> package the file is in if it is not installed on their system.  

That would be cool.

> Hey, why not make the Contents file a Debian package. The dpkg
> package could then recommend or require it.  This would allow for
> a single method, dpkg -S, of searching for files both installed and
> not-installed on a system. 

Please don't, or at least don't make it any stronger than
"suggest". I'm really not interested in having a package on
my system that gets updated as often as Contents would. 

Now, it would be kinda cool that if "dpkg -S" didn't find the file *and*
Contents wasn't available that dpkg would print a suggestion along
the lines of "You can install the Contents package for more complete

Or perhaps the whole "non-installed package file search" thing
would be better handled on the web site?

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