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Re: In what package can I find <anyfile>?

*- aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu wrote about "Re: In what package can I find <anyfile>?"
| > Would it be a good idea to include such a list on the official CD?  Perhaps
| > a compressed version on the ftp server, or none at all (such that changing
| > one pacakge doesn't force all mirrors to download an extra 12.6MB!)
| > 
| > I think it would save a lot of questions on debian-user.
| And you know what, Peter? This file isalready there.
| Just check out dists/stable/Contents-i386.gz
| To find a file you need just do 
| zgrep "filename" Contents-i386.gz

I have always thought it would be nice if dpkg -S could use the
Contents-<arch> file,if it was present, to inform the user of what
package the file is in if it is not installed on their system.  

Hey, why not make the Contents file a Debian package. The dpkg
package could then recommend or require it.  This would allow for
a single method, dpkg -S, of searching for files both installed and
not-installed on a system. 

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