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Re: Shadow file permissions

>>"Stephen" == Stephen J Carpenter <sjc@delphi.com> writes:

 Stephen> And I have not run Xadmin either (tho personally I don't see
 Stephen> the problem with it modifing the files...it is an admin tool
 Stephen> afterall...noone complains about vi being able to edit the
 Stephen> files...but I didn't get into that argument when I saw it...
 Stephen> not interesed in it now :) )

	Noone complains about vi beinag able to edit files because vi
 does not care if you last editied the file using Emacs, XEmacs, or
 perl -i; or cat|grep , or awk, sed etc. If vi objected to other
 editing methods, we would object to vi as well. 

	If Xadmin does not require you to use xadmin exclusively, that
 is, if I can intersperse Xadmin, vi, Emacs, perl -i; well, then, I
 love Xadmin.

	Does it?

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