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Re: Shadow file permissions

On Fri, Aug 21, 1998 at 01:21:24PM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
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> >Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> wrote:
> >
> >> What are the correct permissions for the shadow files? I suddenly
> >> found that xlock no longer unlocks, and I think it might be because
> >> the group permissions are wrong:
> >
> >Have you by any chanse been using xAdmin? Don't, it modifies the files, which
> >it shouldn't. It (should) have been removed from Debian.
> No. At least, I don't know what it is, so I guess not.
> More then likely, this has been a bug in my setup ever since
> I installed the first shadow password packages from projects/experimental.

actually...my system is like that too
My system was installed hamm via ftp during freeze...so...
if the bug goes back that far then it is unfixed as of then

And I have not run Xadmin either (tho personally I don't see
the problem with it modifing the files...it is an admin tool
afterall...noone complains about vi being able to edit the
files...but I didn't get into that argument when I saw it...
not interesed in it now :) )


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