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Re: developer database comments

On Fri, Aug 21, 1998 at 03:05:42PM -0400, James A. Treacy wrote:
> > > Paul caught all of my comments except one:
> > > 
> > > Why are the City, State/Province, and Country fields "private", but "Map
> > > Coordinates" public? Presumably, I have a choice about filling in any of
> > > those (if I don't, I strongly object to the whole process!), so why not
> > > make the easily interpeted ones available?
> > 
> > hmm Would it be possible to have a small check box next to each of
> > these to determine if the maintainer wanst the data public or not?
> > 
> The feeling was only those who want the extra information made public
> will fill them in. This includes homepage URL and map coordinate.

Yes thats true...hmm Would just be nice, in some distant future 
version, to have those fields not even show up if there is

> Personally, I think every developer should give their address and phone
> number as part of being accepted as a maintainer, but that is debatable.

I agree....I think its very important. 
At the very least the information on every developers current adress 
should be available to the people in debian's administration.

I say this mostly because if something happens there should be some way
to contact developers with non-electronic methods.

If I walk across the street tomorow and get hit by a buss...
my delphi adress is paid for a full year...and I don't
know anyone who would think to send an e-mail to anyone
in the debian community to let them know what heppend to me

Think how long it could before something like this is discovered if
no such contact info exists. I certainly hope it never comes to needing
the contact info but...its good to have!

> > also... WHo will (when it is finished) have acess to the private fields?
> > personally... I have no problem with anyone being able to use the
> > db to get my adress and home e-mail adress...hell even my phone number
> We should keep the database simple.

Very true... think of it as suggestions for a future version :)

> > all that info is easy enough to get anyway.
> > But...I kno wsome people are very protective of this information
> > 
> Just because the information is easy to get doesn't mean that Debian should
> be the source.

Very true...the phone book is good enough :)

and any Debian Developers who happen to be in the Boston area may feel
free to look me up in it ;) (course...then again there aren't any phones
anywhere under my name...but that will change soon ;) )

BTW what are the coordinates for Boston?
or if anyone gets off on figuring this stuff out...
whats the coordinates for Somerville High Scool in SOmerville MA
(I will be right across the street in my new apartment)

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