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Re: Can we do without non-free?

Are we really condemned to reenact these arguments to the end of eternity ?


I maintain qmail-src for my own reasons (I have paying clients who want 
support for qmail, and debianising it is the easiest way)

If there is one other person on the planet that uses this package (I know 
there are many more than one :-)  then removing non-free would be a waste of 
their time, because they would have to duplicate the work I do in packaging it.

What benefit would it accrue to remove this package ?

BTW  non-free is not part of Debian, so don't start quoting the DFSG at me.  

Also I am generally a foaming at the mouth Free Software bigot, but I
hate to see people being forced to reinvent the wheel.

Hopefully you'll go back to sleep now.

Cheers, Phil.

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