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Re: Gnome and libtool

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

> The problem is that this will just kill the next machine.
> What we need is some restriction mechanism to set say gnome
> to 20 connections, berlin to 10, ddc to unlimeted etc.

I think Guy's technique for this is sound, but I need someone to implement
it, I'm overly busy right now.
> By simply adding a new machine to the cluster will not solve the
> problem.  There are more new gnome ppl per month than we can
> maintain machines...

Yep. It would be bettter if the cvs server was written better, it is a
monstrosity right now. Anyone care to write an anon-only CVS server?

My current hopes are to get a second machine doing the anon hosting and
then regulate va to only serving write access.

Another thought I have had is to allow anon-rsync and then tell people to
use rsync to keep a local CVS repo in sync for the bits they are
interested in.


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