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Re: Australian Personal Computer - Highly Commended Award (fwd)

On 19-Aug-1998, James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org> wrote:
> The following was sent to webmaster. Someone from Australia
> will have to comment on the quality of this magazine. If it
> is a good mag, we should make an announcement and add 'award
> winning' to all our Debian publicity. Every one else does
> it, why not us. :)

Wow, I sold the reviewer his Debian CD!

I was hoping for a good review, but this is even better news.
It should be part of a 16 page feature on Linux distributions which
is the cover article.  This might mean we were awarded this award above
other distributions ;-)  I'll try to buy the magazine and find out.

The magazine has been a bit MS centric in the recent past, but I think
it's just a reflection of their readers, and now they are reflecting
that their readers are curious about Linux.  It has a very large
distribution here.

An announcement is a good idea.  We are getting a steady stream of press
which is always good to have.

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