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RE: Giving a GUI to the installation program

>"yiyus" <jg_yiyus@jet.es> writes:
>> I was going to try to develop a good installation program for Linux
>> distribution, but I thought I should look what people are doing now to
>> cooperate with a project.
>> I would like to know where I can find a spec of the Debian installer or
>> something so.
>> My idea was to make the program with a graphics interface using SVGAlib
>> something similar, what do you think?
>An installation program shouldn't rely on an SVGAlib-supported card,
>and it shouldn't even rely on graphics. Instead text-based system like
>curses or slang should be used for the user interface. Look what's
>already done in the boot-floppies package and try to improve it.
>And don't reinvent the wheel.

The idea was to give the installation a graphic interface, but I don't want
to throw out the text based one. What should be done is to make the program
UI independant, and then, even you could use some modules as programs (for
example, dselect). I had even thought to use AA-lib for a text based
alternative, but it would look much better with curses. I don't want to
reinvent the wheel, only have a nice GUI in the installation process,
withouth redo or remove anything, only add.

- yiyus

> Sven
>Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>

PS: isn't there a web page about the installation program to see the current
work with a TODO list? I would like to do all this about the graphic
interface, but if there is more important things I can try it.

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