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Re: FHS: a new way of looking at it

>>"Ben" == Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

 Ben> Do we *really* want to make another release so soon whose packages will
 Ben> be incompatible with the previous release?


 Ben> Here's my idea to fix this situation:

 Ben> slink will have man/info/other document readers modified so that they
 Ben> will support FHS, but no packages will have actually moved to FHS.

 Ben> Once slink is released as stable, we will have a base distribution
 Ben> that will support both FSSTND docs *and* FHS docs. Then, our next
 Ben> distribution (2.2? 3.0?) will be moved fully to FHS.

 Ben> This way, we won't run into the problems of the 1.3 -> 2.0 upgrade,
 Ben> where packages from 2.0 won't run on 1.3 without the big libc6 move.

 Ben> What do you think, sirs?

	I like this, but there are two things to consider. Firstly, we
 want to allow people to be able to skip releases and upgrade from
 bo-> slink directly, or from Hamm to the succesor of Slink without
 actually loading slink, so this solotion, though better than the
 previous solutions, is not perfect ;-(

	Secondly, if the time period seems too long, we can put the
 modified document readers in 2.0 r2 -- and start the move to FHS in

	The major document readers (man, and info) already support the
 concept of multiple directories, so all that is needed is a tweak in
 the configuration files. As such, since the programs are not erally
 changing, it would be easier to get the modified packages in
 Hamm-updates and eventually to 2.0 r2.

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