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Re: WOW! See World Record Sex!!!

And thus spake Igor Grobman, on Tue, Aug 04, 1998 at 11:27:15PM -0400:
> On %M 0, Dan Jacobowitz wrote
> > Perhaps hotmail should be treated like AOL for our spam filters?
> I think we should ban all of uu.net instead.  UU.NET customers have always
> been responsible for ~20% of the spam, but lately it's been over 50%.  In all
> this time, I have *never* gotten a single response from them.  I am getting
> fed up with this.  I know uu.net servers quite a few ISP's, but all I am
> planing to ban are the dyn-ip addresses, and relay*.uu.net which don't even
> have relay filters installed!  Legitimate posters should still be able to send
> mail using their ISP's mail server.  
> Anyone have a list of uu.net's IP ranges for dyn-ip assignment? (*.ms.uu.net,
> *.da.uu.net, etc.)

The publicly available information for UUnet dialup IP space is: uu.net (official) uu.net (official) uu.net (unofficial)                                               uunet.ca (unofficial)                                               uu.net (official)

The relay*.uu.net servers _are_ running relay protection code; it does
not refuse MAIL FROM: or RCPT TO:, but bounces after the whole message
has been accepted by the server. It's UUNET's bandwidth, they can do
that if they want to.

My recommendation (and John Bradshaw's) is to block the dialup IP pools
from accessing your mail server, unless you're a UUNET dialup reseller.
Dialup customers should be using their provider's mail servers as their
relay, not doing direct mail.

Yes, I do work for UUnet.

No, I do not want to hear about it.

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