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bash questions

  I'm most of the way through an audit of the scripts that
explicitly call #!/bin/bash.  I'm mostly looking for 
1) any dependency on bash features
2) trivial dependency on bash features (ie using function)
3) dependency on bash features for which there is a posix
4) dependency on features unique and specific to bash

  I've run into a couple of strange features of bash for
which I was unable to find documentation in the bash 2.01
manpage.  Someone before said that "behavior not explicitly
described in the man page is a bug."

What is the expected behavior of
echo $"Stuff $0 stuff."
echo $[3+5]

  I could not find references to either of these syntaxes
in the man pages. I can observe the trivial behavior of the
above examples, but I have no way of finding the entire
behavior without looking at the source...  Are these bugs,
or merely features for "Those in the know" ?

 Chris Ulrich        cdulrich@ucdavis.edu        530 754 4355

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