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Re: AFM font metrics location?

John Labovitz <johnl@meer.net> writes:

   David Huggins-Daines said:
   > You can also generate AFM files from .pfa/.pfb files by scaling them to
   > 1000 points and getting the BBox for each glyph.  There are at least two
   > programs that can do this in our distribution already.

   this should only be done as a last resort.  AFM files contain, in
   addition to the bounding boxes, information about kerning, ligatures,
   tracking values, and various other information that is essential in
   good typography.  if we have only a pfa/pfb file, then generating the
   AFM file from that is ok; otherwise we should make the best attempt to
   get the real AFM file.

AFM files for all Adobe fonts can be downloaded directly from Adobe's
web site.  Presumably other font vendors also make their AFMs freely
available.  When would we have to make a `fake' AFM file?

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