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Pre-release gnus package available

At http://mdorman.law.miami.edu/gnus/, you can find my long-awaited
package of the gnus news reader.  I have packaged version 5.6.27.

I still consider this pre-release for two reasons:

 1) I have only tested it briefly (this message will tell me whether
it can send mail successfully!), and

 2) I have tested it only with emacs19 (emacs20 doesn't behave
properly on the alpha, and xemacs hasn't been ported).

I ask that anyone who downloads it, please treat it like the
pre-release it is and take appropriate measures to safeguard the
integrity of your data.

Also, I really hope people who are experienced with emacs and or
packaging emacs extensions will actively scrutinize the packaging.  I
am only slightly better than illiterate when it comes to elisp, and
although the package seems to work here, I actively solicit feedback
on things that might make it faster or more robust.

BTW, this directory also has my package of the 'custom' library.  You
must have this in order to use gnus with emacs19.  As a result of the
inclusion of custom in emacs20 and xemacs, the dependencies on gnus
are a little wierd---it depends on 'emacsen, custom | emacs20 |
xemacs20'.  I think this will produce the desired result (you must
have some 'emacsen', and either custom or one of the versions that
includes it), but please let me know if you encounter problems.

I actively solicit any and all feedback, but patches are given
preference. :-)


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