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Re: Package maintainer script policy.

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

 Raul> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
 Raul> The differences are frequency of use, and need.
 >> Excuse me? 
 >> Case 1) The postinst is binary, and can't be checked a priori
 >> Case 2) The postinst is a shell script that calls a binary included
 >> in the package, which again is not checkable easily.
 >> Where does frequency of use and need come into the picture?

 Raul> In the specific case of libreadline, the postinst is used far
 Raul> less often than the library.  This has rather obvious
 Raul> implications for quality control.

	We are talking about a general policy here; and I do not think
 we can make ad hoc generalizations about quality control like this. I
 am not willing to vote for a draconian policy proscribing binaries in
 postinst based on shaky grounds like this. 

	Are there better reasons?

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