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Re: Configuration management, version 5

>>>>> "Wichert" == Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@wiggy.ml.org> writes:
    Wichert> 1. The configuration space All configuration information
    Wichert> is stored in what I call the configuration space. This is
    Wichert> a database with a special design which resembles to
    Wichert> method we look at configuration information. This is done
    Wichert> by defining a hierarchy of information. Each package
    Wichert> receives its own space in the hierarchy.  Each package is
    Wichert> free to use a flat space, or divide it's space further
    Wichert> into subhierarchies.  If multiple packages share a common
    Wichert> purpose they may use a shared toplevel hierarchy,
    Wichert> preferably with the same name as a shared (virtual)
    Wichert> packagename (for example, both mutt and elm can use
    Wichert> mail-reader, strn an nn could use news-reader).  This
    Wichert> shared tree can also be used as a default, ie a variable
    Wichert> news-reader/nntpserver can be used by strn if
    Wichert> strn/nntpserver does not exist.

I was going to comment that this screams SNMP/MIB to me, until I
noticed that you mentioned this later on.  Without leaping to
implementation ahead of design, wouldn't explicitly using an SNMP
approach reduce the work involved here (eg no need to re-invent
databases/access mechanisms).

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