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Re: Configuration management, version 5

Stephen Zander <gibreel@pobox.com> wrote:
> I was going to comment that this screams SNMP/MIB to me, until
> I noticed that you mentioned this later on. Without leaping to
> implementation ahead of design, wouldn't explicitly using an SNMP
> approach reduce the work involved here (eg no need to re-invent
> databases/access mechanisms).

While we must provide for networked installation we must also provide
for non-networked installation.

Also, I am a bit uncomfortable with SNMP for large chunks of text.
Last time I checked, SNMP was rather complex in the way it dealt with
things that wouldn't fit into a single packet.

Anyways, while it's reasonable to expect that someone can map the
interface onto SNMP, I see no reason to require it.


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