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Re: Configuration management, version 5

Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> I think we should at least have a default priority.

I reached the same idea, and added it back to the text I keep at home.
I also changed the INPUT command to remove the priority-parameter and
added an UPDATE-command to change the priority (or other aspects) of a

> I see you've added "isdefault" back. It is unncessary, because we have a
> default value now. It's simple to compare the default value with the current
> value to see if the value has changed, therefore an "isdefault" flag is
> superflous.

I haven't added it back actually, I didn't have your text at home in an
electronic version, only the print. So I retyped all your changes and
probably missed some :)

> > (This format is heavily based on the bind named.conf format: it's quite
> > easy to parse and very flexible.) . We start by defining the databases
> > to use. Each database has a driver to use and a root from which we start
> > looking.
> Would it be possible to "mount" multiple databases at the same root? This
> would let you use a remote db to pull in initial values, and write changes
> out to a local db (both "mounted" at /).

The root is the root used in the real database, not in our virtual database.
So you can have /global from a database, /client/$(ARCH) from another and
both will be in the root of the virtual database. The databases will overlap
each other, and the order defines from which database you get to see the data.


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