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Re: Configuration management, version 5

Previously Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> I continue to advocate that this creates the wrong sort of 'UI experiance'
> for the user. They are forced to run each script in some arbitary 
> sequence and each package must provide such a script even if they only
> need some trivial manipulations. We need to make this simple for the
> package maintainer too!

We can't do without the script, since we need a way to calculate the
priority of a variable.  Hmm, unless we give each variable a default-priority
and make it possible for the script to change it.

> We can generate some configuration elements directly from the data-base in
> some instances - ie for the simple example of the dhcp client it can get
> the host list to run on directly from the database each time it is
> started. Likely several other services are like that..

That's not what I meant. If someone uses SNMP to change (for example)
to change the NNTP-server we should use, something needs to act upon
that change to reconfigure all newsreaders to use that new host.


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