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Re: Configuration management, version 5

On Sun, 2 Aug 1998, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> the preinst, and before the package is unpacked! Unless pre-depends are
> used, this will mean that the module can only assume the base-system is
> installed.

No, it can be called before the package is unpacked, pre-depends mean
-NOTHING- it can only assume that every package marked essential is
available, and even then it should only use a small subset of those
functions (ie only those functions present in every debian release and
that are common to many platforms)
> 4. How do the configmodule and the frontend interact?
> Of course the configmodule and the frontend must exchange data to do their
> work. We do this in a very simple manor: dpkg starts both the configmodule
> and the frontend, and connect the stdin/stdout from the module to the
> stdout/stdin of the frontend. We can then use stdin/stdout to communicate,
> while still having stderr available to report errors.

I continue to advocate that this creates the wrong sort of 'UI experiance'
for the user. They are forced to run each script in some arbitary 
sequence and each package must provide such a script even if they only
need some trivial manipulations. We need to make this simple for the
package maintainer too!

> * If we use push configuration, we need a way to act upon a change in the
>   configuration. Creating triggers that are called when certain data
>   is changed would help.

We can generate some configuration elements directly from the data-base in
some instances - ie for the simple example of the dhcp client it can get
the host list to run on directly from the database each time it is
started. Likely several other services are like that..


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