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Re: SAINT ? (Was: Bug#24706: SAINT attack crashes xdm)

Eric Fain <Eric.Fain@colorado.edu> writes:

> Yes, it is a successor to SATAN, available at
> http://www.wwdsi.com/saint/
> it is freely available and open-source, not sure if it is GPL-free
> though.

It's definitely not DFSG free.  We can't even put it in non-free:

b.You may not publish, re-publish, print, re-print or otherwise redistribute
the SAINT-US, in any form, without written permission from WWDSI. This
restriction is enforced to ensure that WWDSI is the sole source of SAINT-US
on the Internet and that published versions and bug fixes are kept current.

(Guess what happens if WWDSI disappears?)

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	    "As a concept, virtual reality seems to appeal
              to people who spend a lot of time indoors."  - Gregory Benford

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