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Call for a maintainer with a DVD writer? (Re: Why has bo vanished)

I thought that the DVD idea was a wise one ... 

Is there anyone around who can volunteer to write a master DVD disk if we
can round up archives of all the previous debian releases?  I've still got
my 1.2 CD around and we've had offers of 1.3.  Heck, we can burn 2.0 onto
the same DVD and use it as our main stable ftp site,  also,  if we want.
I don't know how well DVD drives share access (for multiple concurrent
ftps and things),  though.

One problem with maintaining our archives this way,  I suppose,  is that
whenever we reach the point that all our archives don't fit on one dvd
(this'll happen faster as we add arches and do 2-CD releases for each),
we have to get a DVD changer...

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