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Re: Call for a maintainer with a DVD writer? (Re: Why has bo vanished)

On Thu, Jul 30, 1998 at 01:38:10PM -0400, Will Lowe wrote:
> I thought that the DVD idea was a wise one ... 
> Is there anyone around who can volunteer to write a master DVD disk if we
> can round up archives of all the previous debian releases?  I've still got
> my 1.2 CD around and we've had offers of 1.3.  Heck, we can burn 2.0 onto
> the same DVD and use it as our main stable ftp site,  also,  if we want.
> I don't know how well DVD drives share access (for multiple concurrent
> ftps and things),  though.
> One problem with maintaining our archives this way,  I suppose,  is that
> whenever we reach the point that all our archives don't fit on one dvd
> (this'll happen faster as we add arches and do 2-CD releases for each),
> we have to get a DVD changer...
>                      					Will

I for one would love to see this...
I think it would be great to make sure archives of debian are made as
far back as possible (hell you can still download linux kernel
version .99 somewhere...) I don't even have a DVD ROM drive yet but
I would love to have a copy of such a disk.

would be nice to also get all the mailing list archives on the disk too.
hmmm and an image of the www.debian.org website...

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