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Re: Archive Restructuring - Package Pool

[I'm not certain which list would be better, so I'm foolishly using 

Manoj said:
> Hi,
> 	This is all very well, but I would like to clarify why this is
>  important; I think the benefits and procedures should be stated up
>  fron. Please consider adding this to the porosal as an preface or
>  motivation section; after all this is mostly your document, with
>  additions from me (somehow, this was lost in the editing).
> 	Secondly, Could this be made available on a web page somewhere?

  [Release management preface deleted]

When Anthony Towns first mentioned that he was expanding the discussion 
of all this to debian-devel, I did check the archives he mentioned for 
the previous discussion.  Everything I deleted above was discussed (and 
often seemed the -main- topic) in those archives.

It seems to me that he decided (IMHO correctly) that the archive 
restructuring and the release management portions of the discussion 
were relatively independent, and would best be discussed separately.  I 
expected (and still expect) to see a release management restructuring 
proposal made shortly.


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