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Re: Archive Restructuring - Package Pool

[ Manoj, do you want this on debian-policy or debian-devel? The ammount of
  crossposting lately is making those lists even harder to read ]

> 	Secondly, Could this be made available on a web page somewhere?

Yes, please, Developer's Corner and/or DDP's pages seems like good places
to gather all this documents that have been popping like mushrooms in the
past week.

> So the stages in a packages life are:
> ------------------------------------
>  4) When there are no (non wishlist?) bug reports reported, and the
>     package is rellease ready in the maintainers mind, the maintainer
>     tags it as such and asks that it be moved to the staging
>     area. (suggest a minimum bug free stay in unstable before this is
>     done?) 

I'm not sure I'm following you here... stable (hamm) was released with bugs.
Are you aiming at some super-stable/bug-free OS? Hamm is amazingly stable
(at so is slink, at this point -- mind the sed bug, for example)

I would say "non important or higher". In such a case, there has to be clear
rules about how to draw the line between important and normal bugs. *I*
think the current definitions are ok, but some people doesn't think so,
specially if one recalls the flamewars we've seen over the severity of some
bugs -- we *need* the Tech Commitee <sp>.

> *** I don't know if it's really appropriate for debian to be
> *** distributing these though. Is http://master.debian.org/~whoever/ a
> *** good enough distribution mechanism for such things?

That doesn't benefit from mirroring. Currently, experimental is about 88 MB,
and there are some packages in there that are *really* big, and some people
may not be able to use them if they are not located on a close mirror. (I'm
thinking "me, for example")

> Developers are expected to run either the prerelease or unstable
> distribution.

Hold on just a second there. I may be misinterpreting you here, but what
does "expected" mean here? I'm currently running frozen at home, hamm on
most of the machines I have access to, and slink in one of them. I haven't
upgraded the machine at home to hamm because I need to burn a CD for that,
and I haven't had the time for that yet. Some of us can't keep up with the
lastest unstable for a different reasons. I could keep up with prerelease,
(and I'd be willing to) in the terms it has been defined, but I would like
to point out that it should be possible to package things targeted for
unstable on a stable system (with exceptions, of course)

> /release-critical bug/ is any bug that makes a package unsuitable for
> release. The current criteria is a severity of important, grave or
> critical.

This was relaxed just a bit for hamm if I'm not mistaken. (From 25 to
nothing in six hours? Nobody fixes *critical* bugs *that* fast)

All in all, I like this a lot. (Sounds a bit hard on mirrors, but I like it)


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