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Re: Why has bo vanished from the archives?

*-Martin Schulze (29 Jul)
| servis@purdue.edu wrote:
| > 
| > Why has bo all but vanished from the archives?  I know it is up to each
| > mirror what they want to mirror but shouldn't ftp.debian.org(as the
| > primary ftp site for Debian) at least still keep bo(and its components,
| > contrib, non-free, updates, unstable, etc.) around for those who do not
| > or can not upgrade immediately?
| The ftp server contains a stable and an unstable release, always.
| If there is, there's also a frozen distribution.
| Since hamm is stable bo wasn't needed anymore and therefore
| removed.

I understand the fact that there is a stable->hamm and unstable->slink.
But why can't the bo directory still be around without anything
symlinked to it.  By removing bo we are basically slamming the door on
all the users who are unable to upgrade to hamm and still might need to
get a package from bo.  Sid is on the archives and it does not have a
link to it, why not bo?  If there needs to be a link besides the code
name it could be linked from something like 'old' or 'previous' or
'unsupported' or whatever. 


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