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Re: debian 2.3 name

On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 03:00:15PM -0400, Justin Maurer wrote:
> > 2.2, gnome, FHS, possible ftp site restructure, multiple boot image support
> > on install media which will fit it (ie, multi-floppy images on CD-ROM or on
> > zip disk (which I'm working on myself) or similar), possible LSB and unix98
> > compliance with it, possible GGI which is coming together quickly now, maybe
> > even devfs in the kernel?  Then of course there are ideas being talked about
> > like multi-machine installations, linuxconfig/coas or something better
> > inspired by both, the death of smail as an "important package" and
> > replacement at least exim if vmailer isn't stable .....
> if all of this was attempted, it would be suicide. it would never ever get
> done (maybe). it would take forever. it should be done gradually. and that
> makes me wonder how we'll ever get to 3.0 ;)

I said any significant amount would make 3.0, not that we had to do all that
for 3.0..  I think release goals are a bad idea.  Those are things I'd like
to see in Debian when they're ready.  I don't speak for Debian, so I don't
even call these Debian goals.  It's my hope, however, that the rest of
Debian agrees that these are good goals.

> > I know what harmony is, qtk is another free qt?  thing is, what does it
> > matter if the KDE people don't want to use a free qt?  RIght now they have a
> qtk is more of a wrapper for qt through gtk. really wierd. off the top of
> my head, http://sunsite.unc.edu/freetds/qtk-something.tar.gz is the url.
> see the gnome-list archives for more info.

Will the KDE people use it if it's any good?

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