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Re: Another possible slink goal (multipackages users profile)

On 27 Jul 1998, Guy Maor wrote:

> Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:
> >    Therefore I believe that we should elaborate a mechanism that can be
> >    used for all shells. This could be /etc/profile.d/ containing scripts
> >    or fragments. It could alternatively contain some data that will be
> >    evaluated and changed into code that can be read by the used shell.
> I completely disagree with this proposal.  Packages should be
> configured so that they run correctly without any environment
> variables or other cruft set.

Actually, I agree with this point.  Environment variables are evil.  Like
'http_proxy' (Jason ;-).

> Adding programs to be run automatically is an even worse idea.  On a
> single-person system, the user knows what software is installed
> because he installed it.  And a user on a multi-user system certainly
> doesn't want random programs run on login because the administrator
> thinks they're neat.

Well... actually it's the admin's right to do so.  Particularly if his
motives are security, for example.

However, I would ask the proponents of this plan to back off one step from
implementation, and give the list some examples of the kind of problem it
is designed to solve.

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