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on vacation

I will off the net for about the next week or so; I am moving to Georgia
near Jacksonville, FL.  I don't know exactly when I will have net
connectivity again but it won't be long -- the withdrawl symptoms are too
painful.  :)

There is supposed to be a third patch to XFree86 3.3.2 coming soon.  If it
happens before I am re-connected and if any security problems it fixes are
severe enough to warrant a release, I grant my blessing for an NMU to be
made.  Please work from the sources on master.debian.org in
/debian2/tmp/branden/xfree86- -- I've already put a few minor fixes
in place for the next version (with the obligatory changelog entries).

I don't anticipate any problems with my much-neglected other package, xtrs,
but of course if someone finds a way to crack root with it, please fix it
and do an NMU.  As you might expect, xtrs is a piece of cake package,
especially compared to X.

By the way, if anyone here knows of any Linux/Unix/networking-type jobs in
the Jacksonville area, please let me know.  I'm going to be pounding the
ground pretty darn hard down there and would appreciate some tips.  :)

G. Branden Robinson                 |
Purdue University                   |   The software said it required Windows
branden@purdue.edu                  |   3.1 or better, so I installed Linux.
http://www.ecn.purdue.edu/~branden/ |

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