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Re: RH and GNOME

At 9:05 PM -0700 7/24/98, Petra, Kevin J Poorman wrote:
>you aperantly jumped into the middle of this with no clear understandinf
>of what I'm talking about. read the archives... I'm not for making debian
>another win95, but the reason most ppl chose rh is that it has great
>newbie suport.... why can't we... and when I say suport I mean that it's
>easy to install and use the basic utilities of linux after installing....

I haven't read this thread, so excuse any overlap with previous posts.
AFAIK Kevin you have a very good point.  I would like to see Debian easier
to use as well.

Are what you are proposing possibly consisting of
a) better installation with good defaults and possibly
b) a seperate install that is "start and walk away" to allow real neophytes
to begin painlessly on a single partition or something.
c) support to allow newbies help themselves somehow (lists, web
conferencing, whatever) and not get in the way of developers
d) more newbie instructions included with some utilities and
e) Newbie manual?

Does this fit with what you were thinking?  If it doesn't, it's what I am
thinking of.  Do some of these exist and may need modification or promotion
a la debian-publicity so people know they exist?  Should this be the domain
of a downstream DISTRIBUTION like I heard talk that some people might be
doing soon?  If necessary, how might we branch some development resources
quickly and easily to support such an easier to use Distribution?  I don't
know how many people will want to work on this, but if this group can
leverage the current infrastructure, I think it would help Debian as well,

I believe these efforts will require large amounts of documentation, QA,
getting feedback from real newbies (beta feedback organization), etc.  This
might be a beginning list of additional efforts, I don't know.  Maybe some
of this is already in place better than I know about.


-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

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