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Re: text adventures

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Philip Hands wrote:

> > Do we really need to include the source of infocom text adventures to
> > put them in main (contrib, actually)? This is not the source code of a
> > program, I do not think we should require it.
> Of course it is.  The game is a compiled program, running under a virtual 
> machine.

First of all these "game files" are not free. I spent lots of money on
infocom games and "own" several of the files that the "infocom" program
will play.

These files are much more like GIFs. That is, there is a file format
definition that allows the program to "play" the game. Must the maintainer
of a GIF viewer provide all the files available, even if they are not

> If there is a bug in the game (a room that should not be connected to another, 
> is, for example) how do we fix it, without the source ?
How do you "fix" a broken GIF?


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