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CD images

Once the 2.0.11 floppies hit the archive, I'll make what should be the final 
CD beta images, which I hope will be OK to actually become the release images 
(but will probably need a final rebuild on Thursday).

Things that still remain on the TODO list for the CD's:

  Confirm policy on what people are allowed to distribute under the ``Official
  Debian CD's'' label:

    Should people be allowed to sell 3 CD sets (i.e. dropping the m68k CD) ?

    What about people selling their own version of contrib, with bits of
    non-free and/or non-us ?

    The ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/README.CD-manufacture file needs to be
    updated to reflect this.


    README.official needs to contain whatever is decided as the
    ``Official CD'' ruling.

    README.contrib should have an explanation of why some binaries are
    not really GPL, despite saying they are, and (if we remove them) an
    explanation for why KDE is not there.

  KDE binaries:

    Sentiment seems to favour their removal from hamm, so that we can sort
    this out properly in time for slink, but (quite rightly) Brian is
    unwilling to make changes this close to release. (I've no idea what we
    should do about this)

  non-free & non-us:

    I've come to the conclusion, that we are not really in a position to 
    decide what vendors should put on these CD's, since different vendors
    can satisfy different package's licence conditions, and I've not got time
    to rummage through all the licences, but I don't mind creating couple of
    unofficial images  ``contrib+non-free'' and  ``contrib+non-free+non-us''
    if someone can come up with a list of what should be on them.

    Alternatively, maybe we should just let the vendors use debian-cd to
    create their own mixed CD's, but that might be asking for trouble, if
    they get it wrong.

What have I missed ?

Cheers, Phil.

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