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Re: Kaffe 1.0 beta debian package...

<aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu>(Alex Yukhimets) writes:

> >     Ean> It's at http://www.novare.net/~ean/kaffe It's my first
> >     Ean> packaging effort, so, be gentle.
> > 
> > Ooooo, that means we now have a real reason to have a jvm virtual
> > package (instead of slightly pretend ones) :)
> Well, of course we could, but currently kaffe has only hacker value.
> It is not even close to ANY compatibility with JDK. Not a single applet that
> wrote even runs with it without crashing. (Well, only one was running, but
> very differently). Even not talking about compatibility, this thing is
> definitely VERY buggy. Interaction with WM is screwed up, etc., etc. etc.
> I cannot imagine anyone actually using it for Java development (or running
> Java applications) at this time. IMHO, project/experimental is the proper 
> place for kaffe for now.

There's two problems with this:

1) It's wrong, lots of code runs under Kaffe, though maybe not yours

2) This isn't what Experimental is for. There's no prohibition against alpha
   or beta software in the main distribution. There are plenty of other
   packages of software still under development in the distribution.

Experimental is for when you want to release a new version of a package that
introduces severe changes that could break a working system. The increasing
tendency to put everything in Experimental because the package might (horrors)
have a bug in it is silly and counterproductive.


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