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Re: What's left to do for Hamm ?


On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, Christian Meder wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm just contemplating what needs to be done before release:
> * the critical-bugs-stamp-out-effort is already managed by Brian White
> and Wichert Akkerman
> * the boot floppies are working well and are taken care by Enrique
> Zanardi and the boot-floppies group. Are 1.2M floppies working too ?
> Any important pending issues ?
> * installation from multiple CDs in one run isn't possible right
> now. I don't know if this issue is release-critical. Heiko
> Schlittermann has posted about a posssible solution. Anybody tried it ?
> * the official CDs are managed by Philip Hands and are improving all
> the time ;-)
> * the press release: Nils Lohner manages press releases, Jay Treacy
> manages the website. Is there a prototype for the press release
> available ?
> * artwork for the official CD: we have got a logo. Do we want some
> artwork for the CD-Cover ? Perhaps we can ask tigert ?

I can work on this if you like, I'm not as famous as tigert, but I can

> * translations of the installation instructions: important ?
> Anything else ?
> Greetings,
> 				Christian
> PS.:  * Johnie Ingram is responsible for the IRC parties when Hamm gets
> released, right ;-)  -- Christian Meder, email:
> meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv


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