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Re: x and non-x binary in 1 packet ?

Christian Hammers <ch@lathspell.westend.com> writes:
>I'm the maintainer of JED an emacs-like (but much smaller) Editor.
>Jed constists of four parts:
>	* the textmode binary (jed) with config/man/info files 
>	  400kb
>	* the x11 binary (xjed) wich uses the same as above !!! i
>	  400kb
>	* the 'lib' files (these are precompiled files written in SLang, 
>	  a c-like language similar to that script language of emacs) 
>	  250kb
>	* the source of these SLang files i
>	  540kb
>Now I'm wondering how to package this...

I suggest putting the slang sources into
and everything else into

                             - Jim Van Zandt

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