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Re: The XDM trap

Raul Miller writes:
 > servis@purdue.edu <servis@purdue.edu> wrote:
 > > You are probably right since this is what is run on the local
 > > machine.  But if modifying the X wrapper to stop xdm is not possible
 > > then /etc/X11/xdm/Xreset_0 seems to be the best place.
 > Actually, Xreset_0 is a better place to do it.  X is used by
 > xinit, but Xreset_0 is only used by xdm.

If I read the following excerpt from the xdm(1) man page




              These numeric resources control the behavior of xdm
              when   attempting  to  open  intransigent  servers.
              openDelay is the length of the pause  (in  seconds)
              between successive attempts, openRepeat is the num­
              ber of attempts to make, openTimeout is the  amount
              of  time to wait while actually attempting the open
              (i.e., the maximum time  spent  in  the  connect(2)
              system  call)  and  startAttempts  is the number of
              times this entire process is done before giving  up
              on the server.  After openRepeat attempts have been
              made, or if openTimeout seconds elapse in any  par­
              ticular  attempt,  xdm  terminates and restarts the
              server, attempting to connect again.  This  process
              is repeated startAttempts times, at which point the
              display is declared dead  and  disabled.   Although
              this  behavior  may  seem  arbitrary,  it  has been
              empirically developed and works quite well on  most
              systems.  The default values are 5 for openDelay, 5
              for openRepeat, 30 for openTimeout and 4 for  star­

Is all that needs to be done is just to set the appropriate values
in the xdm config file.


Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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